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Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer. Psalms 19:14

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16

Prayer Requests

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From Bill, Norfolk, VA: Please pray for Betsy for a healing for her knee and for her lupus. Apr 15

From Holly, Virginia Beach: Please pray for Randy, in CA. His family is very concerned. He has not been heard from since December. Apr 14

From Undule & Maud, Malawi: Prayer for the persecuted, for the holy city of Jerusalem and the chosen people of Israel. Apr 14

Scott, of Pensacola, FL, has requested prayer. Apr 10

Please pray for Mike, a recently baptized brother in the Great Lakes fellowship, in urgent need of a healing from The Lord. Apr 8

Please say a prayer for our brother Greg, of the Great Lakes fellowship, for an immediate healing and the testimony of Christ that will accompany it! Apr 7

From Bob, Racine, WI: Please say a prayer for me for better employment and living near Great Lakes. Thank you. Apr 6

From Undule, Malawi : I request prayer for God's protection against my enemies who are everyday planing evil things upon my life. May the Lord embrace me in Jesus Christ's name. Mar 24

From Gabriela, CA: Please pray for salvation, peace, and unity for my family. God Bless you all. Mar 23

Please continue to pray for our brother Rich, of CA, as he recovers at home from surgery. Mar 21

From Carlos, Pearl Harbor: Prayer for my sister Leanne and my brother Cory, thank you very much! Mar 16

From Jeanette, FL: Please pray for Krystal, that she is safe and realizes how much she is loved and truly cared for in this ministry. Mar 15

From Mike, North Chicago, IL: I need a miracle. Mar 12

From Barb, CA: Please pray for my son Ruben, to obtain full time employment as he strives to faithfully serve God through this storm. Mar 12

From Barb B., CA: thank God for a permanent job! Mar 12

From Heather, IN: please pray that God completes his work in my Dad and restores us. Mar 11

From Jeff, Great Lakes, IL: Please pray for my coworker, Jim, who is in the hospital for multiple injuries and infection. Mar 11

From Becky, Great Lakes, IL: please pray for my Dad, Jerry, who is facing a dangerous surgery Tuesday. Mar 10

From Pamela, Norfolk,VA: Please pray for a very close friend, who just found out she has breast cancer. Mar 8

From Scott, Pensacola, FL, a special prayer request. Mar 7

From Bill, Norfolk, VA: Please pray for Will, who is going to have surgery for an infection in both hips. Mar 5

From Jeff, Great Lakes, IL: please pray for Gary, who broke both ankles and has no health insurance. Mar 4

From Great Lakes, IL: Mark asked for prayer for a family situation. Mar 2

From Barb Brand, Lancaster, CA: Thank you, as we said good-bye to my mom, Christine Schultz who went home to be with Jesus on Feb 23rd for your prayers, love, cards, donations and presence at her funeral. Keep my Son and me in prayer this week for safe travels back to California - WE LOVE OUR CHURCH FAMILY and Pastor Paine. God Bless You! Mar 2

From Mary, Austin, TX: Prayers for my great-grandson, who came down with pneumonia! Thank you. Feb 28

From Jo, NC: Please pray for Joseph's spiritual healing. Feb 28

Please pray for Kandy, who had a car accident. Feb 14

Please pray for Ken's mother as she recovers from surgery. Feb 13

Also from Gabriela: thank you for your prayers for me, I am out of the wheelchair and can walk now, thank you JESUS. Please pray for my Mom Maria who has a bad back and is in constant pain. Feb 12

Gabriela, of San Diego, asks for prayer for her Uncle, Ruben, who is battling cancer. Feb 12

From Erron, TX: please pray for the family of my friend Robert, who just passed away. Feb 10

From Norfolk, VA: Pray for the family of Rose, that they will give their lives to God. Feb 10

From Scott, AL: special prayer request for me, and my cousin Cole. Feb 10

From Mike, Great Lakes, IL: please pray for my fiancée and me to be reunited in body and spirit. Feb 7

Please pray for Pastor Ulysse and his family as they mourn the passing of his mother, in Haiti. Feb 2

Please continue to pray for a healing for our brother Jeff, of the Great Lakes fellowship. Feb 1

Please pray for Mark P., who is trying to find a part-time job. Jan 31

From Esther, FL: Pray God would help me find employment in my field in Norlfolk. Jan 30

From Curtis, San Diego: please pray for Gabriela, her foot was run over by a car. Jan 29

From Betsy, Norfolk: Please pray for my nephew, in the hospital and having a cardiac diagnostic today. Jan 20

Our brother Bob J., of the Great Lakes fellowship, has requested prayer. Jan 19

Please pray for a healing for Becky, of the Great Lakes fellowship. Jan 19

From Carlos Vargas, Oahu: Requesting prayer for Dori, she has lower back pain as well as degenerative arthritis, thank you. Jan 19

From Paul, Norfolk: please pray for a co-worker, who is dealing with a difficult family situation. Jan 14

Please pray for a quick recovery for our brother Jeff, of the Great Lakes fellowship, who fell on ice and broke his ankle. Jan 12

From Scott, GA: I am now homeless, ease pray that I will be able to find shelter. Jan 11

From Valerie, OH: please pray for the health of my father, Berrie. Jan 10

From Francis, Malaysia: Please pray for The LORD to heal my wife Evelyn speedily and completely from cancer and for cancer never to return to her body again. Dec 28

From Ricardo, Norfolk: Please pray for Mrs. Vaz, whose health is failing. Dec 28

From Ricardo, Norfolk: Please pray for Mrs. Jackson, who recently lost her son to suicide. Dec 28

From Scott, AL: Had minor surgery and blessed with a healing touch, praying for a blessed new year. Dec 27

From Rod, Norfolk: Please pray that God will send new, committed and excited military people in all fellowships to share, care and have a burden to work the fields of souls in ministry. Dec 13

From Betsy: My neighbor battled Lupus for many years. She died this afternoon from complications. Pray for her husband who is all alone here in Norfolk. Dec 11

From Bill, Great Lakes: please pray for Patti, of Washington, ME, who was taken to the hospital this morning in very serious condition. Dec 9

From Bill, Norfolk, VA: Please pray for a comfort for Cheryl's family, as they mourn the passing of her father. Dec 6

From Erron: I am sending a prayer request for a friend named Shirley. She is battling with cancer, please keep her in your prayers. Nov 28

Please pray for Christine, of the Great Lakes fellowship, who is in Vista East Hospital today. Nov 28

Please pray for Tom and Donna of Milwaukee, WI, as they mourn the passing of Donna's mother. Nov 25

From Carlos, Kansas City: My friend/co-worker Roy passed away this week from cancer. Please keep his family in prayer. Nov 23

From Carlos, Kansas City: Keep my co-worker/friend Gerald and family in prayer. He lost his daughter in a car accident. Nov 23

from Curtis, San Diego: please pray for Gabriela's mom. Nov 22

From Bob, Great Lakes, IL: Please say a prayer for me, I have been unemployed for three years now. Thank you! Nov 20

From Chris, Waukegan, IL: For Chris (Big Country) - his stepmother passed away in Southern Illinois. Nov 15

From Bob, Great Lakes, IL, a praise report: There were times that I could not hear with a hearing aid. Now there are times that I can hear without a hearing aid. God is good! Nov 12

From Jeff, Norfolk, VA: please pray for my co-worker, Terry, who was in a accident at work. Nov 11

Please pray for a healing for Pastor Paine. Nov 9

Please pray for comfort for the family of Janet for the loss of her sister Caroline. Nov 5

Please pray for a healing touch for Rose. Oct 30

From Patrick, Elizabeth City, NC: Please pray for my mother, who is in the hospital with heart trouble. Oct 30

Please pray for Tom, of Milwaukee, who is in ICU due to complications from surgery. Oct 29

From Philip Russell, Great Lakes: my coworker Kathleen suffered a heart attack and is in ICU and needs a healing. Oct 28

From Ricardo: Please pray for Yamilet, that God would break all the strongholds the devil has in her life and that she be saved to serve God. Oct 28

From Scott, in AL, a request for prayer. Oct 28

Please pray for healing in Alicia and Anthony's family Oct 28

From William, Norfolk, VA: Pray for my sister Barbara, dealing with substance abuse. My mother Mary needs a healing, and my sister Sarah needs a job. Oct 25

Please pray for the family of Luz Lorentz, who passed away yesterday. Oct 24

please pray for our brother Mark P., of the Great Lakes fellowship, and for his family as they mourn the passing of his mother.. Oct 18

Please pray for Gloria, of the Great Lakes fellowship, who is in considerable pain and in need of healing.. Oct 18

From Ruth, Carol's sister: Please pray for me, I have arthritis bad and I need God's help to make me better. Oct 8

Please pray for a divine intervention in the marriage of Jilian, in India, and for her daughter. Oct 7

From Ed, Waukegan, IL: Please pray for my brother-in-law, Mark, who is in the hospital with a blood clot in his neck that is life threatening. Thank you. Oct 1

From Chris, Waukegan, IL: Please pray for a friend from work, who has 18 days to find a job within the company. He's been with Grainger for 19 years but several in his dept. have lost their positions. Oct 1

Please pray for our brother, Rod, of Norfolk, whose aunt died in a terrible fire with her daughter and son-in-law. Oct 1

From Jeff, Great Lakes, IL: Please pray for newly baptized brother, Mark. He has pnumonia and a high fever, thank you. Oct 1

From William, Norfolk, VA: Please pray for Melody, who is having a kidney removed, that there will be no complications and a speedy recovery Sep 27

From Scott, AL: please pray for my family and for my job search. Sep 27

From Curtis, San Diego: please pray for our brother Chuck, in a hostile area in need of support. Sep 26

From Ariel, Finland: Dear friends in Christ. Could you pray a healing for my wife Ester and for my sister Anneli. Sep 26

From Jilian, INDIA: Heavenly Father please hear my cries and fulfill Your promise for me, mercy and deliverance for me and my daughter in Jesus' name, amen. Sep 25

From Ian, IL: I have a friend in ICU at a local hospital. Please keep him in your prayers. He is a great man and he has many great things yet to do. Sep 24

From Jeff, Great Lakes, IL: Please pray for Mark's mother, Rose Marie, who is suffering with cancer and also his father, Joseph, who is having health problems. Thank you. Sep 23

From Celima, Norfolk, VA: Please keep Dorothy in prayer as she recovers from a stroke. Sep 23

Please pray for our brother and sister Chuck and Rose, in San Diego. Sep 22

From Pastor Paine: please pray for Terrie S's mother. Sep 18

Please pray for our faithful brother Tom, of the Great Lakes fellowship, as he heads to the Pacific Northwest to labor there in the Gospel. Sep 17

From Becky, Great Lakes: please pray for the family of Roy who lived at Carmel House, he died last week. Sep 16

From Synquis, Wichita Falls: Please pray for my mom, Sandra. She just went through surgery to have cancers removed and she's having a hard time recovering. Please pray for her and our family. Thanks. Sep 11

From Joyce, Ghana: i want to pray for peace in my family Sep 11

From Norfolk; VA: Jan's sister Caroline is in ICU having blood transfusion, needs healing urgently! Sep 10

From Viorel, Romania: Please pray for me. I am very ill and alone, please pray God have mercy with me and heal me, thank you. Sep 10

From Paul, NC: I am having knee replacement surgery on October 22. Sep 8

From Phil, Great Lakes: My Dad is in the hospital and needs a healing. Sep 7

From Mark, WY: Please, LORD, reunite us. I have made significant life changes to allow us to live as we want to under God as one. Please bring her home to a loving family. In Jesus' name I pray. Sep 6

From Sandra, IL: My dear friend just recently came to Christ, however his walk is still a rocky mountain. I just wanted to ask for support in praying that he will come to the best understanding of God's love and grace. Sep 5

From Bob, Great Lakes, IL: Please say a prayer for me to get a job on the Naval Base, I feel sure that God has a calling for me there. Thank you! Sep 1

From O.A., UK: I pray that God forgive me all my sins. Aug 30

From Tapiwa, Zimbabwe: Since graduating with a degree seven years ago I have never had a decent job. I have an opportunity in China but am having trouble getting a visa. Please, I need your prayers. Aug 28

From Bonnie, Haiti: Please continue to pray for Jessica. She has an aortic aneurysm. She has two little children and is afraid that they will have to say goodbye to their mother. Aug 26

From Bonnie, Haiti: Please continue to pray for my cousin Cissie. Her surgery for stage 4 thyroid cancer has been moved to Sept 23rd. She has young children also, so pray for their comfort and support. Aug 26

From Bonnie, Haiti: Please pray for my sister Laurie. She has had multiple surgeries over the year and each one seems to bring more complications. Aug 26

Please pray for Vickie's mother, June, who is going into a rehab center. Aug 25

Please pray for Mark, of the Great Lakes fellowship, and for his family, as they mourn the sudden passing of his sister, Toni. Aug 25

From Scott, AL: please pray for my family as we mourn the loss of my stepfather, and pray for me as I face my anger. Aug 22

From Bryan, PA: I am having a dry cough that won't go away. The doctors did an x-ray and everything showed up clear. I am asking for prayer to heal me. Aug 21

Mark, of the Great Lakes fellowship, has asked for prayer for healing for his sister Annie. Aug 18

Lee, in CA, has asked for prayer for healing of marriage issues. Aug 16

Bonnie has requested prayer for her cousin Jessica, who is facing health issues. Aug 14

Bonnie has requested prayer for her cousin Cissie, in MI, who is having surgery for stage 4 thyroid cancer. Aug 14

Please pray for Fredrick, of India, who desperately needs a job. Aug 13

Please pray for Ruth's health. Aug 13

From Scott, AL: a special prayer request. Aug 11

Praise God with us for a healing for Deborah and Nathaniel! Aug 11

Marc has asked for prayer for his children and himself, as they struggle with health and family problems. Aug 9

Please pray for Sheila's daughter Lisa, who has been diagnosed with cancer. Aug 9

Please pray for God's hand upon Lorna, who needs a healing. Aug 9

Please pray for Pastor Thomas' mother, in Cleveland, who needs a healing. Aug 9

Maria, a cancer patient in Kolkata, India, has asked for prayer for relief for her suffering and for a healing; her next chemotherapy is on Monday the 12th (Sunday in the US). Aug 8

From Joshua, Norfolk VA: My Cousin has been praying for her Mom for 3 weeks but she is still in ICU not breathing on her own. She is feeling sad and overwhelmed. Aug 8

From Bob, Great Lakes, IL: Please say a prayer for me, God has opened a door to employment that the devil is trying to steal. Thank you! Aug 7

From Emely, in Norfolk, VA: Please pray, that the Lord moves upon my marriage, and restores that love, and allows us to love like He loves us. Aug 7

Please pray for Mark P., of Waukegan, and for his family, as they mourn the loss of his brother. Aug 5

From Becky, IL: please pray for my Aunt Barb, the doctors have found a tumor but don't know yet if it's cancerous. Aug 4

From Svetlana, Russia: I have cancer and kidney disease. Please pray for me that I became healthy. Aug 4

From Chris, Carletonville, South Africa, a request for prayer for his family's relationships. Aug 4

From Molly, St. Louis, MO: For prayers answered, I praise Him. Also, for continued strength in making my move the best possible one so my life can be lived for His glory and for the best situation for me. Aug 3

From Molly, St. Louis, MO: For my dear friend, whose son has been missing for 2 weeks now. I ask for prayers. Thank You all. Aug 3

From Jeff, Norfolk VA: Please pray for my co-worker's son who fell and hit his head. He's in urgent care with swelling on his brain; let's pray and believe together for a miracle. Jul 30

From Pam, TX: Pray for my healing, many medical issues, thank you. Jul 26

From Phil, CA: Please pray that GOD will Bless me with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD. Jul 25

From William, Norfolk: pray for my friend that she will have the desire to study the Word of God and to have a closer relationship with Him. Jul 24

From Mike, Norfolk, a praise report: Karen, a family friend, has received a liver transplant. Please keep her in prayer, as she recuperates from surgery. Jul 24

From Jeff, Great Lakes, IL: Please pray for Greg's co-worker, Ann, who has lung cancer and does not feel love and support from her family. Jul 24

Saints, please pray for Greg's sister Sandra. She is in serious need a of healing touch from the MOST HIGH GOD. Thanks! Jul 24

From Pastor Thomas, Norfolk: Pam is having surgery on her hand Tuesday July 23. Please keep her in your prayers. Jul 22

From Pastor Thomas, Norfolk: Please keep my friend Craig in prayer. His wife is in hospice care and not expected to live much longer. Jul 22

Thank God that Mark's dad, Joseph is doing much better. Please pray for his mother, who has cancer, that she would embrace faith in God. Jul 21

From Bianca, Lake Worth, FL: Please pray for Sheila, who is now in isolation in the hospital. Please pray for a swift recovery... Thank you and Amen Jul 20

From Rod, Norfolk,Va: Pray for the Lancaster, CA fellowship, that their needs are met. Jul 18

From Lexi: My aunt found out that she now has stage IV metastatic cancer that has spread to her lungs. Please pray for her healing and peace as well as wisdom for the doctors as they prepare her treatment plan. Thank you so much! Jul 15

From Bob: Please say a prayer for me as I face unemployment and possible homelessness. Thank you! Jul 15

Please pray for Harrell, who just found out he has lung cancer. Jul 11

Please pray for Lola, who is fighting cancer and needs a healing. Jul 11

Please pray for Mark and his family, of Waukegan, IL. His mother has cancer and his dad has pneumonia. Jun 9

Please pray for Will's sister, Lucy, who needs a healing from God. Jul 8

Please pray for our brother Rob's mother, who has suffered a heart attack. Jul 8

From Becky Adams, Great Lakes: PRAISE REPORT my great nephew Jimmy age 8 is now cancer free! Jul 8

From Trina, FL: please pray for Charles' life to turn around. Jul 6

Please pray for the family of Jerome, in GA, for their employment needs, for spiritual blessing and protection. Jul 5

Please pray for Rich, in Norfolk, who needs a healing touch. Jul 5

Please pray for Alvin, in Italy, who has had sleep problems for the past three months that have affected his health. Jul 3

From John, in Norfolk, Please pray for a healing for my brother Matt. He has had a stroke recently and is not doing very good. Jul 2

From Jeff, Great Lakes, IL: Barry is doing much better, thank God! Jul 1

From Carlos, Oahu, HI: thank you Jesus for my mother's healing! Please pray for the fellowship here in Oahu. Jun 29

Please pray for Steve's sister, who suffered a heart attack today. Jun 29

Kandy, of Norfolk, is ill; please keep her in your prayers. Jun 28

From Jeff, Great Lakes, IL: Urgent prayer request for Valerie's dad, Barry, who just had a heart and stroke and is not expected to make it. Please pray for his family also, thank you! Jun 27

From Roque, Virar - Thane.: Please pray that God may give me a good job. Please pray for the infilling of the Holy Spirit in me. Jun 25

Please pray for Gabriela of San Diego, who is sick. Jun 24

Please pray for Afful, of Ghana, to gain admission to school. Jun 22

From Patrick, Guatemala: Thank you for all the prayers while being on deployment, it helps a lot. God bless y'all. Jun 20

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