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Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer. Psalms 19:14

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16

Prayer Requests

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God is still in the healing business, and fervent prayers still bring results!

From Jeff, Norfolk Va.: Please pray for three co-workers: Rodney, who is sick and needs a healing; also Dell, who is in the hospital, and Sally, who just lost her mother. Oct 20

From Crystal, United States: Please pray for my friend's family. Her mom is battling a very aggressive cancer that has now entered her brain. Oct 20

From Scott, TN: Please pray for Steve and his sister's health issues. For myself, prayer for employment and health is appreciated. Oct 18

From Jeff, Waukegan, IL: Please pray for the family, friends and fiancee of Bret, who passed away unexpectedly. Oct 13

Please pray for Aly, who needs to feel the loving arms of Jesus this morning. Oct 12

Please pray for Chris, of Waukegan, for health and employment. Oct 9

Please pray for Christine, of Waukegan, IL, who needs a healing of her kidneys. Oct 9

From Scott, TN: Pray for me to communicate a little better, stay at the mission I'm in, employment and pray for Jerry's pinched nerve. Oct 6

From Jeff, in Waukegan, IL: Please pray for Gisel's father, who is in need of a healing testimony from our Lord. Oct 5

From Rod, Norfolk,VA: Please keep Sheree in prayer. She has been diagnosed with colon cancer and having surgery Oct 23. Oct 5

From Sonia, Norfolk: Pray for my brother, Frederico, for a healing touch to his body. Oct 4

Please pray for Roy, of Kenya. Oct 3

From Dave, TN: Prayer for my mother, who just had surgery, and for another family member who just learned that they have stage 4 cancer. Sep 21

From Bill, Norfolk: asking for prayer for my family as we mourn the passing of Tina, my nephew's wife, in Illinois. Sep 21

Please keep the family of Pat M. in prayer as they mourn the passing of Pat's uncle. Sep 20

From Pastor Taylor: Pray for Bill P. and his family as they mourn the passing of his father. Sep 19

From Chris, Waukegan: pray for my roommate Vlad, who has lung cancer and will be having surgery next week. Sep 17

From Dori, WY: prayer request for Rick and his family. Sep 17

Please pray for our brother Carlos, who is at sea and in need of a touch from our God. Sep 16

From Gabriela, CA: Please pray for Jesus to heal me completely and prosper us financially. Amen. Thanks. God bless you all. Sep 16

From Ralph, WI: For my cousin Ryan, who after 38 surgeries from complications of adenoid cystic carcinoma, is going to doctors Monday to determine if they will remove her eye. Sep 6

The Great Lakes fellowship is requesting prayer for Charles, who is very ill in the hospital in Kenosha, and for his wife, Beverly. Sep 4

From Philip, Great Lakes: For Rosilynn who is in the navy and her family who needs prayer. Aug 28

From Gerri, India: Please pray for me, to walk in the Godly way, and to get the job God wishes. Aug 28

From Jeff, VA: Please pray for Maric, a co-worker with cancer in need of a miracle in his life. Thanks. Aug 25

Please pray for a healing touch for Bill Presher's Dad who had a stroke. Aug 18

From Ricardo, Norfolk : Please pray that God would continue to heal my cousin who is in the hospital and that she would acknowledge God and live for him. Aug 15

From Jeff, Waukegan, IL: Please pray for my dad, who is recovering from knee replacement surgery, thanks. Aug 11

From Jeanette, Spring Hill, FL: Please pray for Juan, a man I met tonight, and for his family. Aug 10

Tina, of Illinois, is in urgent need of a touch from God as she continues to battle cancer. Aug 8

From Jeff, Waukegan, IL: Please pray for Valerie's family, who just lost their cousin Mark. Aug 8

Please keep Helen in prayer for a healing from bronchitis. Aug 7

From Chris, Waukegan, IL: please pray for me to find and keep a job and to keep the slothful spirit and spirit of anxiety off of me. Aug 7

Please pray for Mary, of Illinois, who has tumors on her tongue, throat and face. She starts chemotherapy next week. Aug 7

From Jeff, Waukegan: Please pray for Valerie's health and for her Aunt Gail, who has a very large tumor by her heart, thank you so much. Aug 2

Please pray for Jimmy's mother-in-law, Urma, who is battling cancer. Jul 24

From Jeanette, FL: please pray for Dom and her family, and Carlos and his shipmates; may God continue to bless him and my son Kennie and Jeff as they continue to bring others to Christ. Jul 24

Please pray for our sister Elmira, of the Great Lakes fellowship, as she travels through dangerous parts of the world. Jul 24

Please pray for Chris, of AL, and his family, as they mourn the tragic loss of his father. Jul 23

From Norma, TX: My husband of almost 10 years has left me. I ask for your prayers and support. Jul 22

From Edmund, Poland: Please pray for wisdom from God to solve my problems in my work. It is very serious problem. My boss attacks me all the time. Thank you. Jul 20

From Gabriela, San Diego: Please pray for my family, still mourning the loss of my uncle Ruben. Thank you and God bless you all. Jul 20

From Scott, TN: Special prayer request for Danny in CCU and myself. Jul 19

From Jeanette, Florida: thank God for my new job, Carlos, Lan, Kennie, and all those who pray and have prayed for me. Jul 12

Continue to pray for Carlos as he carries the gospel, and for his shipmates. Jul 12

From Erron, TX: I want to send out a prayer request for my financial situation to be resolved. I want the Lord to turn it around for the better. Thanks, and God bless you all. Jul 8

From Gabriela, San Diego: please pray for my husband Curtis and me. we both are sick. Thank you. Jul 7

From Carlos, Pearl Harbor: Please pray for the family, friends and crew over the recent loss of a Shipmate. Thank you. Jun 29

From Jeanette, FL: Please pray for Jeff as his ankle and knee continue to heal. Please pray for my son Kennie's knee as well. Jun 27

From Jeanette, FL: Please pray for my neighbor Ray and his best friend Eddie. Eddie's brother was robbed and murdered in his home. Jun 27

Please pray for comfort for our sister, Tennessee, and her family, as they mourn the unexpected passing of her father, Martin, over the weekend in Mexico. Jun 16

Please pray for Corey, in IL, who is having heart surgery today. Jun 9

From Jeanette, Florida: Please pray for my wonderful son Kennie in ministry and in college. Also please pray for my finances and that I find the right job that God wants me to have. Jun 7

From Jeff, Norfolk VA: please pray for a co-worker who has returned to work from cancer treatment, for complete recovery and his relationship with The Lord. Jun 5

From Carlos, USS Halsey: In need of prayer, thank you. Jun 3

Please pray for Cedric and his family, as they mourn the passing of his sister, Angie, in IL. Jun 1

From Curtis, San Diego: please pray for Gabriela's uncle, who is in the ICU at the hospital. May 31

From Rod, Norfolk, VA: Praise Report- I thank my God for where He has brought me from and giving me the faith to completely trust in him. We all have a lot to be thankful for in Christ. May 30

Please pray for Jim, of Norfolk, and his family, as they mourn the passing of his mother. May 29

Please pray for Dorthy McClain. May 28

From Benjamin, MD: Please intercede for me in Traffic Court, that God's favor will be upon me, so that I will not have a criminal record. Thank you, earnestly. May 27

From Jeff, Great Lakes, IL: Please pray that Mark can have Sunday mornings off from work so that he can come to worship services. Thanking God that he got hired. May 27

Prayer request for the Adams family of Maine, who were in a serious car crash tonight. May 26

From William, Norfolk, VA: please pray for Jill's mother, Grace. May 23

From Samuel, Norfolk, VA: Requesting prayer that our GOD would lead me to find the right job, the right people, and the right company. May 21

From Bruce, CO: Please pray for my wife, Lynda, that her health will be restored and renewed and her energy levels will maintain its normal levels again. May 20

Also from Bruce, CO: Please pray for our finances, and for mercy at the judge's bench for a first-time offense; I don't have a criminal record. Thank you and God bless you and I praise my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for what He has already done and what He is about do! May 20

Please pray for the families of two co-workers of Jeff, of Norfolk VA: one has a friend named John who has brain cancer; the other a daughter with cancer. May 20

All things are possible with God; pray that God would be seen through their recovery, and that the doctors and families would be touched and lives changed.

From Scott, FL: Prayer for myself and others affected by the flooding in Pensacola. May 19

From Chris, Waukegan, IL: My mom had an evaluation on her knee today and it was determined that the growth she had is not a melanoma. She wants to thank God and thank the church for our prayers. May 19

From Daniel, TN: Please pray for me, for housing and for emotional healing. May 19

From Gabriela, San Diego: I just found out that my uncle, who has lung cancer and is anemic, is in the hospital for a kidney infection. please pray for his complete healing. thanks. May 16

From Philip, Great Lakes: My boss's sister just had a stroke and needs a healing. May 12

From Bill, Norfolk, VA: Praise report for Deborah, who continues to be cancer free! May 12

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The Living God is alive today! He hears, moves, and heals the same as He did thousands of years ago.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20

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